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I am currently wondering how can I manipulate urls generated by Seaside.
In my application I have several components which can be displayed in the
main interface.
In some of them I create some anchors. 
First I want to konw how can I add some parameters in this url ?
Second, when the link is clicked, how can browse the parameters in my
current url in order 
to take some decisions depending on their values ?

Why you could possibly want to do that if you don't have a real need to send
(away from the server) nor bring the parameters at all?
The desicions can (should?) be made in the objects of your model. That way
you make thos anchors to be rendered or not depending on model state (if
that is what you want).
For example, imagine a "cloud tag" where each tag is an anchor which should
recall another component which could be a kind of research component.

Any anchor can call any component that the rendered component can reach.
Take a look:
    first := FirstComponent new.
    second := SecondComponent new.
  MainPage>>renderContentOn: html
    html anchor
        callback: [self call: first];
        with: 'first'.

    html anchor
        callback: [self call: second];
        with: 'first'.
>From the Seaside FAQ, I read some stuffs about that. It seems that this
parameters is stored in the session variable but I have to recognize that I
need some more explanations... 
The main explanation I think you must deal with *at this stage* is to
implode the paradigm of using the url to send and receive things and/or
states of things. Let that creepy design for the past and enjoy the Seaside.
Widgets details, styling and rendering aside, if you start feeling that
deveop with Seaside has a lot in common with desktop development you will be
in the right path.
Thanks in advance.


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