[Seaside] i10n or speed?

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Thu Oct 4 18:36:26 UTC 2007

What drawback(s) non-ascii url will provide? What we loose by choosing that?

Sebastian Sastre

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> Hi
> Have you ever tried a counter in a recent version of Seaside? 
> I don't know about you but for such a simple application it 
> is way too slow for my taste. As part of the 2.8 cycle we 
> look into ways of making Seaside faster.
> Attached you will find several traces for the counter application.
> As you can see, an awful lot of time is spent to convert URLs 
> to String. Of that most time is spent in#encodeForHTTP.
> So what do you find more important, that Seaside is fast or 
> that is supports non-ascii urls?
> Cheers
> Philippe

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