[Seaside] Seaside deployment help

Luc Fabresse luc.fabresse at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 10:44:01 UTC 2007

Hi all,

 It is the first time I want to deploy a seaside app and I encouter problems
that have already been discussed and blogged but I can't find the needed

 The situation:

    1) On web server (e.g www.monsite.fr) on which I have an account named
luc and no specials rights (root password...)
    2) my web site is accessible through http://www.monsite.fr/~luc/
    3) adding rewriting rules in a .htaccess allows me to redirect request
to a backend server on which I have root access :
        http://www.mysite.fr/~luc/seaside/* -> http://myserver:9090/...

 I would :
    configure the seaside image so that all urls will have the following
form : /~luc/seaside/*
    (I guess it is the most simple way to achieve my will)
 but I don't want to use the two atributes "Server Hostname" and "Server
Path" because I would prefer a simpler solution like modify the default
WADispatcher in order to configure all applications at once.
Is there a better solution ?

    - What is "Resourse base Url" configuration?
    When I changed it for counter app for example,  static files url are not
changer and links are not good e.g

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