[Seaside] Re: Squeak / Gemstone / VisualWorks with Seaside

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 23 00:42:34 UTC 2007

Thank you, Dale, Conrad. I feel at least a little bit safer from a totally 
uninformed decision :-)

"Dale Henrichs" <dale.henrichs at gemstone.com> wrote in message 
news:471D2362.7070304 at gemstone.com...
> For GemStone/S we are focussed on making life easy for folks developing 
> their application in Squeak and deploying in GemStone/S. We support 
> Monticello and our development tools are based on the OmniBrowser tool 
> set, in fact it is possible to edit code in the GemStone repository using 
> a Squeak image and the tools we provide ...
> Going from VW to GemStone is not something that we have focussed on ... VW 
> does not support Monticello and we (and Squeak) do not support Store - 
> passing .st files  (or the equivalent) around is not  really acceptable 
> for ongoing development...managing your code on the target platform and 
> getting your changes back into VW becomes problematic if you use 
> fileins... I esperienced that when I began porting Seaside from Squeak to 
> GemStone and that experience lead to porting Monticello to GemStone.... We 
> have a GBS product that makes it somewhat easier to move code between VW 
> and GemStone but GBS support is not included in the Free version...
> I'm not aware of a slam-dunk solution for developing in VW and deploying 
> to Squeak or GemStone. Porting Monticello to VW would be a start, but I 
> assume that there are some issues with name spaces that would have to be 
> dealt with.
> Dale
> itsme213 wrote:
>>VW appears to be quite polished and robust for development work ... Is any 
>>developing a Seaside app with VW to deploy on Squeak or Gemstone/S? How 
>>easy is it to keep from getting tied up in platform-specifics, and how 
>>hard to port? Does it even make sense to consider this path?
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