[Seaside] Confirming a download

Michael Lucas-Smith mlucas-smith at cincom.com
Wed Oct 31 16:16:04 UTC 2007

Michel Bany wrote:
> *I am trying to download some dynamically built file from Seaside with 
> user confirmation.*
> *The code looks like this:*
> *
> *
> * html* anchor
> callback: [
> (self confirm: 'This is a huge download, proceed?')
> ifTrue: [self session returnResponse: (WAResponse new contentType: 
> 'text/plain';
> headerAt: 'Expires' put: 'Thu, 01 Jan 1900 12:00:00 GMT';
> attachmentWithFileName: 'foo.txt';
> nextPutAll: 'bar';
> yourself)]
> ]; with: 'Download'.
> That works fine, except that the dialog remains in the browser when 
> the user confirms the download.
> I could not find any way to automatically remove the dialog and return 
> to the previous screen.
> Is there another way to achieve what I want?
Probably the easiest thing to do would be to make the confirm branch 
send some javascript to the client for it to then go to the resource to 
download. That way the confirm will complete, it'll go back to the 
previous page, then fetch the resource to download.

Another approach would be to add a hidden iframe which has a url of the 
resource as the confirm true branch.

> Michel.
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