[Seaside] [ANN] Seaside 2.8 for VW

Bany, Michel mbany at cincom.com
Mon Sep 3 11:35:03 UTC 2007

Hi Conrad,

	Hi Michel, I have a couple of questions in regards to Seaside on
	1)  How does one port a Seaside application to Gemstone/S VM in
terms of namespaces?  I would
	     like to use GLASS as my deployment platform but use VW as
the development platform.  

I'm certainly not the best person to answer your question, since I have
no experience with Gemstone.

	2)  When upgrading to SeasideForWebToolkit(2.8a1.466.0,mbany),
does the system load the other 
	     packages (i.e. SeasideScriptaculous(2.8a1.216.0,mbany)
	     and SeasideTestingBundle(R1.5.5.0,mbany)?


	3)  Does the SeasideForSwazoo(2.8a1.466.0 ,mbany) use Swazoo

It is intended to work with Swazoo as shipped on the VW distribution,
i.e. Swazoo 1.0.
I just tried it myself with Swazoo 2.0 and could see that
SeasideForSwazoo does not work on top of Swazoo 2.0.
While trying it, I could see that supporting Swazoo 2.0 is nothing
trivial, so it will take its little time before it is supported.

	4)  Is there any advantage to using
SeasideForSwazoo(2.8a1.466.0,mbany) over 
	     SeasideForWebToolkit(2.8a1.466.0,mbany) in regards to

So far my target for Seaside was WebToolkit, because it is the Cincom
supported web environment in VW.
I created the Swazoo bindings just to convince myself that there is no
WebToolkit dependency in the port.
However, I never compared the performance of the two. I guess they must
be somehow more or less kind of equal.
On the other hand, it appears that Swazoo is the server of choice for
some Seaside users, so there must be some advantage in Swazoo but I do
not remember what the motivations were.
I see some contradictions in your questions : you care about the
performance of two VW solutions while your deployment target is
Gemstone. I would better understand if you were querying about the
performance advantage of using Gemstone over VW.
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