[Seaside] Making a store in Seaside

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Thu Sep 13 12:16:34 UTC 2007

Hi Jason,

	I think you can avoid apache by replacing it with a light http
server, but if what you want is homogeneity that do not count. You may
starting to evaluate other http servers for smalltalk to see if they meet
your needs and how much work or not they will guarantee to give to you. 

	I think if you search this list there are some benchmarks comparing
comanche, swazoo and apache for file serving.

	There are some cons for homogeneity in this puntual regard like
fault tolerance, security, robustness, etc. and as an http can be
pragmatically seen just as a file server for Seaside solutoins I would think
large and twice or more times before seting up in production an st http
server for everything. But beside that the *big* con of homogeneity in that
point cames to you when scalability arrives. And, as far as I know, is an
uncontroversial one. 


Sebastian Sastre

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> Ok, thanks.  Though it is my intention not to use apache if 
> there is any way at all to avoid it.  I don't want a stack, 
> but a homogeneous system.  I know I can do it in other high 
> level languages, but Seaside is my first choice to try.
> Sebastian Sastre wrote:
> > Good news: depending on your choice you may not need to do 
> nothing, or 
> > almost nothing, from smalltalk for this feature to work.
> >
> > Take a look to this:
> > 
> http://leftshore.wordpress.com/2006/10/27/hint-setting-up-apache-proxy
> > -for-y
> > our-seaside-host/
> >
> > Boris even post an example of an apache VirtualHost.
> >
> > I'm doing a couple of things a little different but it's a 
> good start 
> > point for you to get the idea
> >
> > 	cheers,
> >
> > Sebastian Sastre
> >   
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