[Seaside] Not able to upload [a Seaside.WAFile] through onClick

Andrius Paulavicius apaulavicius at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 14:56:37 UTC 2007

I just do something like:

    html iframe name: 'fileupload';
    html form
        attributeAt: 'target' put: 'fileupload';
        with: [
            html fileUpload callback: [:f | file := f].
            html submitButton 
            onClick: (html evaluator callback:  [:script | 
                self validateFile.
                self updateErrorMesage: script]);
        text: 'upload'].

I hide the iframe by setting its style to 
    height: 0;
    width: 0;
    border-style: none;

doe's uploading without refreshing the rest of the page and seems to work 
in both firefox and ie
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>> Below is my attempt to implement Lukas's code but it is not recognising
>> submit, any ideas?
> 1. Do never nest forms. This won't work and will lead to all kind of
> strange problems (different ones in different browsers).
> 2. You don't need the submit button, as the form is automatically
> submitted when the user selects a file. This automatically causes a
> full refresh.
>> How would I implement Andrius's code?
> This involves some JavaScript programming, that is actually very
> similar to the code used in the (totally unrelated) Comet package.
> 1. You create a named IFRAME that you hide somewhere on your page
> (move it somewhere outside the visible viewport, fully hiding the
> thing breaks some browsers).
> 2. You assign an onLoad event to the IFRAME that updates the part of
> the page after the successful upload.
> 3. As presented you set the target of your form to the IFRAME.
> Combined with the #onChange: on the file-upload you don't even need a
> submit button.
> Lukas
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