[Seaside] SVG design questions

Holger Kleinsorgen kleinsor at smallish.org
Wed Apr 9 14:56:12 UTC 2008


 > It looks very cool, so please create a squeak package on squeaksource and
 > assign me as developer!

I'll try to. However, my Squeak experience is restricted to a few 
minutes of clicking through examples. Usually I'm using VisualWorks.

 > AFAIK Inline SVG hast too many drawbacks (especially on IE), so the main
 > goal should be the rendering for linked SVG documents.

Although browser compatibility is a serious issue, I favor the "inlined 
SVG first" approach. Besides the DOM/Javascript and Context problems 
I've mentioned, the future of Adobe's SVG viewer doesn't look very bright:

"Adobe has decided to discontinue support for Adobe SVG Viewer. There 
are a number of other third-party SVG viewer implementations in the 
marketplace, including native support for SVG in many Web browsers. The 
SVG language and its adoption in the marketplace have both matured to 
the point where it is no longer necessary for Adobe to provide an SVG 

(from http://www.adobe.com/svg/eol.html)

Supporting both methods would be ideal, of course.

 > BTW: Which version are you using!
 > I think it should be developed for Seaside 2.9!

Seaside 2.8. Supporting 2.9 shouldn't be a major problem (unless there's 
a secret plan to dump canvases and brushes ;)

> I'd be interested in having a play with the code as well. It looks like this
> is all your own hand-rolled stuff, right?

A home-grown bunch of wacky code, yes. With only three brushes. Have to 
clean it up a bit, and somehow manage to get used to Squeak. But I've 
got some spare time, so I hope to relase some stuff soon.

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