[Seaside] SVG design questions

Holger Kleinsorgen kleinsor at smallish.org
Wed Apr 9 22:31:53 UTC 2008

> Well its working (also for IE7 !),
> but currently we have too many hacks.
> Main issues:
> - I didnt get IE7 working without using the embed tag.
> - The "embed" tag is not a W3C standard!
we can blame Microsoft and/or Adobe, but Seaside cannot magically solve 
browser issues.
Did you follow the hints on this page?

on the other hand:
"The URL is required to determine the security zone, which is required 
to determine the state of the ActiveScripting setting. Therefore, to 
fail safe against this potential security flaw Adobe SVG Viewer 3.01 
always disables scripting when it determines that the SVG file is 
embedded using the OBJECT tag. When authoring in SVG, Adobe recommends 
that you not use the OBJECT tag and instead use the EMBED tag when 
embedding SVG in HTML pages."


and Microsoft obviously wants to push WVG sooner or later. Trying to get 
it work 100% W3 conformant in a browser that is notorius for 
non-conformance is maybe too ambitious.
> - Its not a good solution to use the same continuation for the html
> rendering and
> the embeded svg.
I disagree, on two levels
- there are two continuations, a SVGHybridRenderContinuation (for 
rendering the HTML), and a SVGRenderContination (for rendering the SVG)
- actually I'd like to have only one continuation. For me, the SVG image 
is more or less like a component, and shouldnt require  a separate 

another reason that favors inlined SVG...
> I dont want to continue if the main issues are not solved!
that would be a pity! I'm pretty sure we can get it work in IE, too.

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