[Seaside] seaside testing in vw 7.6?

Martin Kobetic mkobetic at cincom.com
Thu Apr 24 13:47:36 UTC 2008

Also, more information about the officially supported port of Seaside can be found in the doc/ReleaseNotes7.6.pdf.



Michel Bany wrote:
> Hi Liliana,
> There are two ports of Seaside in VW, the old one from me and the 
> supported one from Cincom.
> SeasideTesting is only available for the old port. The old port is 
> available in the public repository
> as SeasideForWebToolkit (2.8a1.518.0,mbany) or (2.7b1.23.0,mbany). Since 
> you have VW 7.6
> you can also load SeasideForWebToolKit from parcels that are identical 
> to the public repository
> versions.
> The parcels for Seaside 2.7 are located in /Contributed/Seaside2.7. The 
> parcels for Seaside 2.8
> are located in /Contributed/Seaside2.7/Preview.
> If you prefer to use the supported port of Seaside, then SeasideTesting 
> should not be loaded.
> You may want to try Seaside-SUnitToo instead.
> HTH,
> Michel.

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