[Seaside] Re: Starting out

Michael Atkisson michael_atkisson at comcast.net
Wed Dec 17 22:05:00 UTC 2008

James Foster <Smalltalk <at> JGFoster.net> writes:

> Hi Michael,
> If your question was simply intended to find out if someone who is  
> comfortable with Oracle Forms will be able to use Seaside easily, then  
> I guess that the answer is "no" (in part, since Seaside doesn't have  
> the resources of a company like Oracle supporting it). If your  
> question was rhetorical with the intent of shaming the community into  
> moving in the direction you want, then you aren't likely to make much  
> of an impact. Since your exaggerations seem intended to provoke a  
> response (see http://kb.iu.edu/data/afhc.html), you might tell us a  
> bit more about yourself and how you would like to contribute to the  
> community.

I was most definately trying to get response.  I am not normally a sarcastic
person.  However, if seaside is going to be the force the communitiy appears
to want it to be, it needs the address some usability issues.  

If it gets no response, at least, I have done what I could to provoke some
thought (Probably useless, but at least I did it).  I don't remember anyone
else doing it.

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