[Seaside] Trying to run of Seaside 2.8 with Swazoo 2.1 (currently they are incompatible)

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Wed Feb 6 11:31:07 UTC 2008

Hi Frank,

There is a SwazooSeaside adapter for Seaside 2.8 on Squeak, done by 
Philippe Marchall and I propose that you just port this one to VW, it 
will be simplest and most useful way to do.

Just download and run Damien's squeak-web image 
http://damien.cassou.free.fr/squeak-dev.html, which has both Swazoo 2.1 
and Seaside 2.8 with SwazooSeaside adapter included and workable.

Adapter is made of three packages:

- Seaside-Squeak-Adapters
- Seaside-Adapters-Core
- Seaside-Adapters-Swazoo

You can run simply as SwazooSeaside startOn: 8088 then open 
http://localhost:8088/seaside .

And yes, thanks for your detailed report. Maybe you could prepare it for 
addition on Swazoo website? That way you'd help Swazoo a bit on docs area :)

Best regards
Maintainer of Swazoo

Frank Berger wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am trying to port our app, which was developed with Seaside 2.7 in VW5, to Seaside 2.8 running with Swazoo 2.1.
> There are some substantial changes in Swazoo 2.1 over 1.x, which make it incompatible to Seaside 2.8:
> - Fields of a request as contained in queries and answered by queryData are now in anOrderedCollection of Ass (no longer in aDict).
> - Various protocols have been changed or relocated to embedded instances or are referring to other data types now.
> - A new class HTTPRequestLine is contained in an HTTPRequest and this is where the "method" accessor is now located.
> - Due to this the method SeasideResource -> convertRequest: does not work any more (changed protocols in Swazoo 2.1).
> - I found further incompatibilities in the data types supplied by WARequest in headers (now an instance of HTTPHostField versus an expected Collection by takeServerParametersFromRequest: and it therefore crashes).
> - When trying to get the lastest version to run (Seaside 518_19) I found that some accessors don't work with Swazoo 2.1.
> - In Seaside there is still this nasty /seaside/go subject and, of course, I cannot expect my users to enter this 
> (sorry, but this was a very very bad idea and the way how this is hidden is most tricky, why don't you finally give this up!?)
> I am not yet at the end, so I assume that there are more problems ahead of me.
> Of course, there is virtually no documenation or mentioning of the changes that I could find. The few notes on the Seaside and Swazoo websites cover only minor parts of the changes but do not mention these important changes.
> My questions:
> - Has anybody already changed Seaside 2.8 so that it runs with Swazoo 2.1?
> - Are there any changes / bridge available to make the two compatible with one another (currently they are definetly incompatible)?
> - Are there any more severe changes / problems to expect? (I have not yet even been able to start our application yet)
> My offer: 
> If there are no changes available yet to make the two compatible I am offering to contribute these as I must make the two compatible in any case immediately. I am planning this:
> - Make Swazoo and the relevant Seaside parts switch selectable to deliver either aColl or the old Dict, because I don't need or want aColl by now and I expect aDict to be faster, too. 
> - Deliver my documentation that I have and still am added to the code (sorry, I cannot and don't want to try to live with any undocumented code). All, really all of my code is documented and this is even more important for foreign code.
> Please let me know. 
> (This is currently very frustrating!)
> Best regards
> Frank
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