[Seaside] Monit on Ubuntu / Debian to monitor Seaside images

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Sat Feb 9 10:59:44 UTC 2008

> Creating a service with daemontools is merely a matter of 
> creating a symbolic link in the /service directory to your 
> run scripts directory, the service is automatically started 
> and monitored within 5 seconds or so.
Could work but you can make this to send you an email when, for instance, an
image is getting high cpu for more than lets say 20 secods or such kind of

> >     I've not worked yet on the balancer part but I think we can use 
> > HAProxy as Ramon's blog says making it to balance load 
> using the rigth 
> > set of services.
> >  
> >     cheers,
> > Sebastian Sastre
> I wouldn't recommend that anymore, I'd use Apache now, you 
> probably won't be able to find a version of HAProxy, and 
> mod_proxy can do it just as well.
> Ramon Leon
HAProxy was choosed because it preserves the choice of balancing with a
server during the whole session. Apache was unable to achieve that at the
time. So now apache can preserve session routing properly? Do you have any
doc to configure mod_proxy that way?



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