[Seaside] Re: Pier questions

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Sun Feb 24 14:51:16 UTC 2008


"Lukas Renggli" <renggli at gmail.com> wrote in message
>>    - in-place editing of stuff?
> Essentially this is already done. Documents are all edited in-place.
> If a page consists of multiple documents these are all active at the
> same time. I assume you have some more fine grained editing in mind,
> like just editing a single paragraph.

Not fine-grained editing of a single large text chunk. But if I have a 
Customer with personalNotes:Text, profesionalNotes:Text, I would edit the 
#personalNotes and #professionalNotes separately. Would I make each of these 
a separate "document"?

>>  - Anyone have a wysiwyg editor hooked up to Pier? There is a 
>> Prototype-based
>>  one available here http://inplacericheditor.box.re/demos
> That would be possible, as long it parsed into the internal AST
> representation of Pier.

So if the editor submits xhtml I would need to add some xhtml->AST smaCC 
parser code, and could probably use the existing AST->xhtml for the other 

Do you prefer follow-ups go to the pier/smallwiki list? [has much synergy 
with seaside, neither seems high volume]

Thanks - Sophie 

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