[Seaside] Re: Pier questions

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 15:58:23 UTC 2008

> Not fine-grained editing of a single large text chunk. But if I have a
>  Customer with personalNotes:Text, profesionalNotes:Text, I would edit the
>  #personalNotes and #professionalNotes separately. Would I make each of these
>  a separate "document"?

Yes, that would be different documents then.

>  >>  - Anyone have a wysiwyg editor hooked up to Pier? There is a
>  >> Prototype-based
>  >>  one available here http://inplacericheditor.box.re/demos
>  >
>  > That would be possible, as long it parsed into the internal AST
>  > representation of Pier.
> So if the editor submits xhtml I would need to add some xhtml->AST smaCC
>  parser code, and could probably use the existing AST->xhtml for the other
>  way?

Exactly. What makes this difficult is that most WYSIWYG editors I know
produce XHTML in a very bad quality. Moreover it is often slightly
different depending on the web browser used.

Personally I found it easier to use a Wiki syntax. I experienced with
several customers that that Wiki syntax can be learned within a few
minutes, even with people that are using Office all day long. So for
me this was never an issue, especially with the editing toolbar that
is available. Of course it would be nice have a WYSIWYG editor as an

>  Do you prefer follow-ups go to the pier/smallwiki list? [has much synergy
>  with seaside, neither seems high volume]

I don't mind using the Seaside mailing-list, however I don't want to
bother people that are not interested in Magritte/Pier (at the moment)


Lukas Renggli

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