[Seaside] Re: Component granularity & numbers

itsme213 itsme213 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 5 06:59:37 UTC 2008

"Yanni Chiu" <yanni at rogers.com> wrote
> The approach will start to break down when the underlying business objects 
> have more specialized behaviour.

If by "specialized behaviors" you mean things that typically involve some 
sequence of user interaction, primarily dealt with by WATask or Ajax 
equivalents, I include these as well. I think much of these can be automated 
by generic components + suitable metadata. I'd be interested in other kinds 
of things you consider exceptions as well.

I was looking more for guidance on plain scale of # of components. If a page 
shows 5 primary domain objects in some detail, but show another 100 domain 
objects in summary, some of them multiple times (e.g. just their names), 
should I use 105+ components instances or just 5?

Thanks - Sophie

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