[Seaside] Problems installing Seaside on VW

Michael Lucas-Smith mlucas-smith at cincom.com
Wed Jan 9 23:38:15 UTC 2008

VisualWorks 7.6 will be out shortly with Seaside 2.8 included and 
supported. I really have no idae why you'd get such a weird walkback 
trying to load Seaside 2.8 in to VisualWorks 7.5.

I know Michel Bany has been using Seaside 2.8 in VW7.5 with some of his 
customers without problems. The particular error you're seeing doesn't 
seem to be related to Seaside specifically.. it's trying to parse the 
XML source file and is reading some documentation from a filename which 
appears to be an invalid filename... this is a very odd scenario. You 
want to check your installation or raise the problem on the vwnc (or 
vwdev) mailing list instead of the Seaside list.


Valentin Guerlesquin wrote:
> Hi Roberto,
> Roberto Tagliani a écrit :
>> Hi list. Under a VW 7.5 clean image I opened the Public Repository 
>> and selected SeasideForWebToolkit to install Seaside2.8a1-lr.518.mcz 
>> (Seaside 2.8 "final" for WebToolkit) I received a DNU (see below). I 
>> am doing something wrong? Is there another way to install Seaside on VW?
>> thanks.
> I had the same kind of problems last day while installing seaside on VW.
> So I'm now useing the 2.7 branch (2.7b1.23.0, mbany, 17/10/2007), 
> which is working pretty good.
> Valentin
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