[Seaside] Re: liveCallback method in Seaside 2.8

Dario Trussardi dtrussardi at tiscali.it
Tue Jan 29 21:27:46 UTC 2008


excuse for my later to answer.

Dale Henrichs wrote:
> Dario,
> I successfully loaded SeasideAsync-mb.73 into GemStone/s running the final
> version of 2.2.4 with GLASS-dkh.44 and the livetests page came up without error.
> I hit a missing #asMilliSeconds when I clicked the periodictests link (GemStone
> Duration class needs that method), but that doesn't sound like your problem.
> I think you are running 2.2.4beta2, so you can't move to GLASS-dkh.44, but I
> wouldn't think that the code differences would affect SeasideAsync. 

I have restart my OODB server.
I successfully loaded SeasideAsync-mb.74 into GemStone/s and now all the items of livetests page work fine.

But now only the first Auto-completion examples work fine.

In the second example when digit data into "Choose a class:"  the browser d'ont  display anything.

About sesside and scriptaculous

I have load Seaside 2.8g1-dkh.538 and Scriptaculous-obj.1.

B1) In the form tab the Radio-Button d'ont work fine.

B2) And the Autocompleter

Start to type a Smalltalk class-name:

d'ont display the error:

        Seaside Walkback

        Error 2010: No method was found for the selector <#'allClasses'> when sent to <..............
        Debug Proceed Full Stack
generate by the code:

" renderListOn: html
 | items |
 items := Smalltalk allClasses select: [ :each | each name includesSubstring: text caseSensitive: false ].
 html unorderedList list: (items first: (items size min: 10))"

because Smalltalk is not valid in Gemstone.

My question is : because d'ont display error? 

Ciao by


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