[Seaside] Call Popup window and management session data

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Thu Jan 31 18:30:37 UTC 2008

Hi Dario,
    I'm not sure to understand what you described right but you allways can
use a common repository for any component. Even components of different
seaside applications. Maybe you can use the repository to place that from
the source component and take it from the client component,
Sebastian Sastre




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Hi All,
i work with seaside 2.6 and scriptaculos in VisualWorks 7.4.1.
Now i have my application with master web page for update data.
For create print document about the data i open popup window from master
with command:
 A)      html script: 'window.open('ISTGstStampe' , 'Stampe' )
 B)    html anchorWithPopupUrl : 'ISTGstStampe'
        name: 'Stampe'
        extent: 400 at 400
        togllgles: #(resizable')
        do: 'Lancio stampa'.
where ISTGstStampe is a seaside application with the task to create print
preview about data.
Now i'm interest to pass argument ( for example : anCollection  about data
to print )  to ISTGstStampe for management specif data to print. 
But when open popup window it has specific session, and i lose the data in
the master window session.
My question are:
    how i can pass reference from master web to slave page ?
    if i open popup window with method A) 
            i can us javascript : 'referenceWindow.document.write (' ....
with data from specific instance of ISTGstStampe renderContentOn:  .
Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!



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