[Seaside] [SeasideXUL] - refresh works in Firefox browser but not when run as "firefox -app app.ini"

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Thu Jul 10 08:04:59 UTC 2008

Hi Pavel,

I am experiencing behavior that is opposite to the higher security settings 
when running remote XUL apps from the browser (compared to firefox -app or 

A piece of code in my "demo" app is running a search, fills a component with 
data and then invokes "parentSearchResultComp refresh" to should data found. 
This works in plain firefox browser (both 2 and 3), the refreshed with data 
is shown. However, when run either from XULrunner 1.9 or "firefox -app", the 
refresh does not do anything. Debugging through it, it appears everything is 
correct, the new component is rendered, the new data are rendered, but 
nothing shows on the client window.

I guess I have a question whether you noticed something like this. Also, is 
there a good way to debug this, for example show a javascript console in 
xulrunner or firefox -app, and/or somehow look at what is going back to the 

Thanks Milan

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