[Seaside] [scriptaculous] Why my sliders disapear ?

cdrick cdrick65 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 18:27:53 UTC 2008

> Hi!
> It was a little bit hard to read your code.

oops, I was doing penty of experiments ;)

> But i am sure i found the problem!

cool :)
> You are always increasing your sliderId.
> So after a page refresh you dont have your old Id's like tack1,....7.

oh that's true !

> of course the same thing happens with your handles.
> And all your CSS settings are gone.
> To get an unique id you could use "hmtl nextId"
> So maybe its better to use an unique css class for all your div#track[id]
> and handles.

Thanks for the the css too...  but do I put directly div#track[id] in
the css file ?

> I would also suggest to use html evaluator instead of 2 html updater.
> Because then you have only 1 AJAX call instead of 2.

Thanks a lot Gerhard ;)

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