[Seaside] session expiration redirect

Chris Dawson xrdawson at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 17:42:27 UTC 2008

I'm running Seaside through a rewrite proxy on Apache.  Everything works
great if I go into the configuration editor and change server hostname and
server path to be the correct real server information.  However, I'm
noticing that when the session expires, Seaside sends a redirect to
localhost which of course my web client cannot reach.  To be specific:

I am using:


I have an apache rewrite rule like this:

RewriteRule     (.*) http://localhost:4000/seaside/$1 [P]

Seaside/squeak is running on port 4000 obviously.

I'm using foobar.com for server hostname, and /subdir/myapp for server path.

Any suggestions?

I don't have resource base url set; is this supposed to be set as well?
Everything works perfectly outside of this one issue without that config var

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