[Seaside] javascript canvas

Yan Laporte spamlessyan at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 19:41:14 UTC 2008

No it is not, I haven't reaaly looked at OMeta yet. I just googled and
the canvas interactions I found look quite like what I had in mind.

But my problem was that I wanted an easy solution to do custom charts
in an application I am building. I kept hitting issues with the
various liraries available online. At that point I was considering
building my own javascript charting library but still wanted to keep
things in Smalltalk as much as possible.

Now I just added a thin Smalltalk layer over the javascript canvas API
similar to what exists for Scriptaculous. Now I draw charts using
smalltak code and the result are drawing instructions in javascript
that get executed in the browser. Really nothing sophisticated.

But I now plan to play a little with OMeta when I have some free time.


2008/6/1 Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki at vpri.org>:
>> I remember someone was working on smalltalk classes to make it easier
>> to draw to a canvas element using javascript. I now find myself
>> wanting to do exactly that and was wondering if there is anything
>> available before I duplicate efforts.
>> I didn't find anything relevant in squeaksource. Anyone?
>  Is it perhaps OMeta/JS?
>  The current JS version doesn't have Smalltalk in it (some older
> versions did), but the Squeak version does and you can port it to the
> latest OMeta/JS so that it can be combined with the "Canvas" example.
> -- Yoshiki

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