[Seaside] It is possible an html more readable?

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Sun Mar 9 16:53:40 UTC 2008

Understood. Anyway I've found that:

	SUScript>>printContentOn: aStream
		do: [ :each | aStream javascript: each ]
		separatedBy: [ aStream nextPut: $; ; cr]

	do the trick. Is not needed to mess the html, just facilitate a cr at
the endo of line of js sentences in scripts. I'll set it in a loose method to
add the cr or not depending on the deployment mode setting. I suggest it for
official release.

	Thank you for the more general reference,


Sebastian Sastre

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> >         If not available, what is needed to make Seaside to 
> be able to do this
> >  "development html"?
> You can have a look how the pretty printer in the halos 
> displays the XHTML.
> Generally adding spaces or newlines to the XHTML changes the layout,
> therefor Seaside does not offer this possibility. You can have a look
> at the documentation of tidy, a famous open-source HTML pretty
> printer: this is a pretty complex piece of software and in the
> documentation there are several warnings that it might screw up your
> layout. I prefer to use FireBug or the Safari Inspector to explore the
> generated XHTML.
> Lukas
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