[Seaside] Seaside anchors and #click event bubbling

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Tue Mar 11 12:47:22 UTC 2008

> You can give the button an ID and use that from JavaScript. IDs are
> used to identify DOM nodes, names are used to name submit fields.
> I still don't get what this has to do with Seaside? ;-)
> Lukas
Thanks, I see now I need to generate a POST programmatically with the fields you

It has to do with Seaside because I'm adding a new way to invoke the callbacks
we use to use in full renders. This new way is more prepared to intense AJAX. As
I previously said I want to use the click event in some child node (invoking the
seaside callback) and, at the same time, preventing the parents to receive this
click event (due to their own reactions at UA level).



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