[Seaside] Re: object databases and other questions of architecture

Squeaker squeakman at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 13:49:27 UTC 2008

Sean Allen wrote:
> I really like Seaside and think we could do great things with it but I 
> have quite step learning curve pretty much across
> the board here so any help with narrowing down architecture questions 
> some is greatly appreciated.
> -Sean-

I am essentially a newbie but I have a little, very little, experience 
using GemStone (GLASS).  When using GemStone, there seems to be none of 
the typical impedance mismatch between my domain model and the database.

I ported a small app that I built, from PostgreSql to GemStone, and most 
of my porting work involved ripping out code.  I was left with something 
that was much simpler to understand and a lot less code to maintain.

I have just scratched the surface, GemStone seems to offer a lot of 
value IMHO.

Hope my opinion is of some value.


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