[Seaside] Question on using Toothpick - the logging tool

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Sun Mar 30 13:43:10 UTC 2008


Stephane wrote
>I do not know who ported toothpick to squeak

This answer is easy. Joseph originally provided a Squeak port on the 
Toothpick side [1] beside others (VW, VAST, ...)

Joseph wrote:
>I don't know anything about the Squeak port of toothpick and  
>its' problems. I've NEVER been contacted by anyone about it

Maybe I can bring some light into the issue here:

After Joseph announced Toothpick in 2006 I tried the first 
Squeak version which was available from his project website [1]. 
This version was packaged as change sets and provided as a 
simple ZIP (and it looks like the site still contains this changeset 
filout from Squeak3.8 in 2005). Maybe Joseph used his famous 
Rosetta project to create it. 

Since I know Joseph personally from 1st CampST and our Smallscript
work I contacted him via mail to get permission to convert the 
Squeak code into Monticello format and make it also available 
on Squeaksource [2] and Squeakmap [3]. This would allow people
to easily download and use his code using the newer packaging
systems like SqueakMap package loading and monticello versioning.
I also created a wiki page [4]. 

I was glad he gave me the permission (via mail) to do so - so I 
just converted the code to Monticello format and registered 
the projects on SqMap and SqSource so it can be easily accessed
by the Squeak community directly from within the squeak image. 

(That's like importing code into Store to make an old style changeset
more accessible to VisualWorks users).

The code is still under Josephs BSD license and he is clearly 
stated as original author [3]. 

After that I announced it on squeak-dev mailinglist [5] clearly 
saying that it's from Joseph and is now available as Monticello 
package for future contributions and since it is available
for various Smalltalks any further contribution should not be limited 
to Squeak. (Joseph got a CC of this announcement).

So there is no other port beside the one Joseph provided on
the toothpick side [1] - but now also available in Monticello 

Meanwhile nobody ever contributed so far - so the code is
still the same as provided by him.

The SqueakMap repository is open to public so Joseph as well
as others are able to move the the project forward. But make 
sure to contact Joseph directly since he may not read any of 
the squeak mailing lists. 

This would also make sure that not only the Squeak side of
Toothpick evolve but Joseph is also able to integrate 
fixes and enhancements into the general framework.


[1] http://www.metaprog.com/Toothpick/download.html
[2] http://www.squeaksource.com/Toothpick.html

[3] http://map.squeak.org/package/7d86c15c-4c18-47c8-846f-717d4fb06046
[4] http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/5890
[5] http://lists.squeakfoundation.org/pipermail/squeak-dev/2006-November/110924.html

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