[Seaside] Re: #urlForDocument: w/o canvas?

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Thu Oct 16 12:21:16 UTC 2008

> Now I'm getting confused :-) What I meant is that I currently work on 
> SWFObject - so there was no chance you could have known it.
what a mess... hehe  in a previous mail I've omited a bit of text to
desambiguate and inducted your confusion. Let me clarify, I get it is a goodie
you are working on. What I meant is just the idea of you can, and are using all
the time temp objects which helps in the render process.

> Regarding WAXXXTag - I'm currently going this way - although 
> my stuff is 
> subclassed from WABrush as there is no simpla Tag Mapping.
> > Please don't confuse creating temp objects with creating 
> temp components. I
> > didn't mention to create temp components. Now you say that 
> I get the idea of
> > maybe your wrapper is a component and there is not really 
> justified for it to be
> > a componenet (which mostly depends on it using 
> call:/show:/answer: methods).
> You're right - this was part of my bad gut feeling. I'm currently 
> redoing the stuff as brush and it simply feels natural.
> CU,
> Udo
Glad it help, cheers

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