[Seaside] how much introduction?

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Mon Oct 27 16:45:17 UTC 2008

hi philippe

>> I don't want to bash any of you but I have had some really bad
> experiences with Pharo.

You don't :(

> Stuff like ClassBuilder exploding in my face
> and OmniBrowser not working.

Which explosion we did not hear anything :)? the problem related to  
the fact that some people
use uppercase for class **instance** variables and that a change (that  
now is fixed)
was punishing them for that. So it was not exploding in your face.

Omnibrowser... come one david is improving it everyday.

Do not use not even alpha version software if you are ready to  
complain :).
Now you know like me that that lukas is developing seaside 2.9.
And when I see what we already fixed and removed....


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