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stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Fri Apr 17 20:48:34 UTC 2009

Hi maskedCumcumber

	(in france this is a comix hero: a cumcumber with a mask).

1- My name is stephane ducasse and I think that you should not piss on  
people anonymously
it gives a funny impression of yourself and lower your point. RIght  
now you are passing for an idiot
while you have certainly something to say. So be a man :).
You can express yourself politely or not on this mailing- of course we  
prefer polite and civilized people.

2- I agree with you that having more comments on seaside would be good  
and I will tell you
the truth: the first class comments on seaside were written by lukas  
in my car when I was
driving to nice in an italian highway. Of course more comments would  
be useful.
But did you pay to complain so rudely?
and where is your "documentation"?

3-After I know well lukas and he is the guy that did slime for  
checking style in Seaside application.
Did you read the mailing-list over the last years because lukas  
replied everyday to people questions
while he is doing a PhD on a completely different topic. So I have  
problem to  see lukas rude.
May be you were so aggressive that he told you to leave him alone.

4-Why don't you ask publicly why a string was used?
When I learned Smalltalk 12 years ago I read a book telling that  
strings are cheap to create
slow to compare, while symbols where the inverse so if the web server  
returns a string
it may be more efficient to compare a string than to convert it into a  
symbol and compare it.

Stephane Ducasse (you see this is easy to be someone)

On Apr 17, 2009, at 9:30 PM, TheSmalltalkBlog at gmx.ch wrote:

> I would like to point the members of this mailing list to my new  
> blog on Seaside and Smalltalk: http://thesmalltalkblog.blogspot.com
> The background is in:
> 1) the complete absence of documentation in the Seaside library
> 2) the many violations of proper Smalltalk encapsulation
> 3) the frequent lack of "good Smalltalk" programing style
> 4) the many wrong and misleading class names, method names and  
> instance variable names
> 5) the extreme ignorance that I had to encounter when offering my  
> assistance to improve Seaside to Lukas Renggli.
> I invite everybody to build a little community to document and  
> improve Seaside, which will save all of us and all future users a  
> lot of time.
> There is never ever any excuse for not documentation code! Even in  
> Smalltalk!
> I also invite other critical writers to join in to publishing  
> concrete engineering proposals on my blog in order to improve Seaside.
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