[Seaside] A new critical blog discussing Seaside - now concrete proposals

James Robertson jrobertson at cincom.com
Sat Apr 18 01:51:42 UTC 2009

It's really, really hard to take anything you say seriously when you  
insist on a veil of anonymity.  Seaside is not some political group,  
and you aren't a revolutionary.  Let us know who you are, and make  
your comments constructively, rather than destructively.

You've already seen how people are taking the kind of rhetoric you're  
dishing out, so I guess I'll ask you this: how's that working out for  
you so far?

James Robertson
Cincom Smalltalk Product Evangelist
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On Apr 17, 2009, at 8:23 PM, TheSmalltalkBlog at gmx.ch wrote:

> I have added some first concrete proposals to my new critical blog  
> on Seaside: http://thesmalltalkblog.blogspot.com
> May I also propose to get away from these personal and emotional  
> discussions here and to advance to some proper work. I have started  
> with my proposals on my blog.
> As Keith wrote very wisely (thank you Keith):
>> Mr Cucumber is raising issues. We need to identify the actual  
>> issues and
> see if they need addressing.<
> See my latest postings on my blog! I am getting into the subjects!
> And Keith, thank you again for this:
>> Personally I dont see much anger in his blog, I see honesty as  
>> expressed from his perception. In fact there is far less anger  
>> expressed here than I would expect.<
> I had expected this reaction from the mailing list, because I know  
> well how such communities work. They are - at least by the "leading  
> members" - social entities where the argument as such is mostly less  
> important than who raises it. We are all humans! That's natural but  
> not helpful.
> Ths is exactly what Sebastian Sastre wrote:
>> And you did it annonymously, which leaves your ideas in a weaker  
>> position. What did you pretend with that? to create the annonymous  
>> seaside critic comunity?
>> leaded by whom?
> @Sebastian: If you value an argument from a person who's name you  
> know higher because just of that, pardonnez-moi, je m'excuse, but  
> this would a clear sign of incompetence.
>> leaded by whom?
> Only led by arguments!
> This is also another reason why I will stay anonymous. I want to  
> improve the subject and not gain personal respect by some community  
> (as Thorsten proposed and wrote that this is a prerequisite to be  
> taken seriously). Forget it!
> Either people believe in my arguments and want to profit from my  
> very comprehensive experience - or not. In the latter case we will  
> continue in our own style as we did in the past. Nothing lost.
> Or I might find some people who are willing to jump onto our boat  
> and travel with us, because we share the same believes and goals. In  
> this case we would just subclass (as we already did in many cases)  
> where major changes are wanted and that's it!
> Seaside is too important for us to either forget about it or to live  
> with - sorry for my openess - this horrible lausy amateurish and  
> undocumented code of Release 2.8. This is unacceptable for us to  
> build products upon.
> These authors of Seaside (whom I don't know) really had some crazy  
> ideas!
> Just remember this f... (4-letter word left out with respect to  
> those who believe in PC)stupid idiotic url path "/Seaside/do".
> What a crazy idea!
> It took us several days in the beginning to get this rubbish out! It  
> was done in such a fancy way that was really difficult for somebody  
> not (yet) knowing the system. And there were many complains about  
> that here on the list.
> What an idiotic and unrealistic idea! And why so badly implemented.
> Now, you can't expect me to have respect for people doing such a  
> bullshit! And my expectation from life experience*** was that these  
> people would be immune to advice. This is why I chose the public  
> block to discuss improvements outside this "social community" here!
> Therefore, don't expect me to participate here too frequently. I  
> have no time for such discussions. I want to get my project moving  
> and that means improving Seaside.
> Everybody is welcome to join - and I will be most eager and happy to  
> learn from other people's experiences and follow their advice. But  
> now on this previous low-level of "Seaside standards". Non, merci!
> ***
> I software development experience is very much like cylinder  
> capacity in motor construction! There is only one way to improve  
> cylinder capacity - and that is by more cylinder capacity!
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