[Seaside] Four proposals to improve Seaside

David Mitchell david.mitchell at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 18:19:22 UTC 2009

Yep. Seems like someone more interested in linkbaiting their blog than
making productive change.

Added Mr Cucumber to kill file.

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>> > There are 4 new concrete technical proposals how to improve Seaside and
>> > one more comment on my blog:
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>> > http://thesmalltalkblog.blogspot.com
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>> > Comments and critics welcome!
>> What do you know, not one of them makes sense.
>> 9. Seaside works with various web servers, WARequest is the adaptor they
>> can
>> all use to work with Seaside.  Your criticizing Seaside because you
>> modified
>> Swazoo and duplicated code you also modified in Seaside.  Absurd.
>> 8, 7.  Use Apache to serve up static content like every other sane person
>> and recognize that Seaside does it for development convenience, not for
>> handling production load that requires it to be insanely fast.  The rest
>> of
>> the world works with files and pathnames, and for serving web content and
>> staying compatible, so should Seaside.
>> 6. You're over playing the accepted use of this "new" convention, yea,
>> some
>> people do it and just as many don't.  It's an issue of personal style, not
>> some big well known convention Seaside is ignoring.  We have method
>> protocols for a reason, we don't have to duplicate them in the method
>> names.
>> You want to know if something is a constructor, look at the protocol, not
>> a
>> naming pattern.
>> Ramon Leon
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> Please, please, stop feeding the troll.  Even if the fellow has legitimate
> complaints, I see no reason to engage someone too scared to use his own
> name, yet all too willing to accuse others by name of behaving with malice
> aforethought.  Part of why I've enjoyed using Squeak off and on for the last
> thirteen years (!) at this point is that, for the most part, despite any of
> its flaws, I've found its community bright, friendly, and open.  These
> threads are at best one of three; at worst, exercises in megalomaniacal
> hubris.
> Here's my suggestion: the overwhelming number of "horrible problems" that
> have been pointed out so far (admittedly excepting documentation) can be
> "fixed" in about an hour using the Rewrite Tool and the Refactoring Browser.
>  Rather than complaining so loudly about horrible conspiracies, the blogger
> can simply make the changes, publish a changeset or Monticello package
> somewhere, announce it, and let us all take a look.  If the new Seaside is
> better, I'll be happy to use it--as, I'm sure, would many other Seaside
> developers.  Otherwise, I'll stick to the existing code base, which has
> served me wonderfully.
> In the meantime, I've added a rule to Gmail to automatically trash these
> threads, since the incredibly personal nature of the nominally objective
> attacks sadden me, and I do not wish to view them.  I would gently encourage
> other readers on this list to do the same and get back to work.
> Cheers,
> --Benjamin
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