[Seaside] Where to find WAListenerEncoded?

Richard Durr Richard.Durr at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 15:30:29 UTC 2009

Hello ^^

I have a problem with unicode in my Comet-based application. Whenever  
I use Javascript to update some html in the browser the special  
characters seem fine. But when I reload the page and the html is  
rendered directly, unicode characters don't work / are displayed as  
some diamond with a questionmark inside.

I can only see them again, when I switch my browser to ISO-Latin-1.  
Additionally, some chars, such as "✔" make the browser download the  
page instead of displaying it.

I tried to copy methods from WAKomEncoded, but this does not seem to  
work, unfortunatelly. Is there any way to force everything to be  
unicode and "just work"?


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