[Seaside] First App

Joel Turnbull joel at ardishealth.com
Fri Aug 28 14:21:56 UTC 2009

Just wanted to report that I developed my first Seaside application in GLASS
and installed it to a live Gemstone server yesterday.  It's private but take
my word for it...it's totally awesome ;)...heh. Just the first small piece
of what is to become a company intranet.

Seaside is awesome, and I've enjoyed using Magritte as well. Pier has been
really nice for user and permission management so far. I feel I haven't even
scratched the surface of Gemstone yet, but the GLASS appliance has been a
great tool, and we'll be handling some real data in terms of volume soon

Been doing smalltalk stuff for about a year now and am excited that I'm
coming into my own as far as the tools, and putting everything together.
Thanks to everybody on the various lists who helped out, Hernan for pairing
with me on the model and teaching me TDD, and our fearless leader Sean. See
everybody at ESUG.

Joel Turnbull
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