[Seaside] clamato - a smalltalk dialect for javascript

Avi Bryant avi at dabbledb.com
Sat Aug 29 02:24:38 UTC 2009

I hadn't meant to announce this yet, but since it's gotten out anyway
(at Hacker News), I might as well tell the people who will be the most
interested :)  At http://clamato.net, you'll find the start of a
project we've been working on at Dabble DB in our spare time this
summer, with the aim of making all of the client-side code we have to
write more pleasant: a self-hosting compiler from (almost-)Smalltalk
to Javascript, and a system browser to go with it.  There's lots of
work left to be done, so feel free to submit patches... the code is at
http://bitbucket.org/avibryant/clamato/ .


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