Re: Re: [Seaside] Using SQlite3 and Seaside

"S.J.Chun" chunsj at
Sun May 10 08:39:56 UTC 2009

I'm using Squeak driver (which uses FFI). And yes, I'm very interested in Windows binary.

My image does support UTF-8, (and most of my customization is for Korean text display)
but input method extension part does not work well; I've tested this with pharo too. I think
 to support internationalization better, squeak should have more default font for more langs
(like korean, chinese, japanese and others) and IME support (one for host os and another for
its own like emacs); just my thought.

BTW, I currently am not interested in making UI with squeak, for me, portable, personal
web app os good enough :)

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