[Seaside] [2.8]anchors, submitFormNamed: and WALinkSubmitTest

Carl Gundel carlg at libertybasic.com
Fri May 15 22:15:44 UTC 2009

For a long time I've been using submitFormNamed: with anchors using  
Seaside 2.6.  This has worked well for me but now that I've switched  
to Seaside 2.8 it doesn't work reliably.  I tried this with both IE  
and Safari and neither works.

Am I supposed to do something different with 2.8?  The funny thing is  
that sometimes it works, but other times not.  For example I'll put a  
breakpoint in a callback for one or more widgets on the page.  Then  
I'll interact with some widgets on the page and click on the anchor.   
Sometimes the callback will get called, but most of the time not.

Trying the WALinkSubmitTest by typing a new value into the field works  
with 2.6, but not with 2.8.  Is this a known bug, and is there a fix?

Of course if I use submit button it always works, but I need to be  
able to support anchors.


-Carl Gundel

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