[Seaside] lastAccess, secondsSinceLastAccess

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Wed May 20 01:08:24 UTC 2009

In your case last access is 0 because you are just accessing it now :) You need your own 'start' variable if you want to track total session time, just set it to Timestamp now in #initialize and then add #minutesSinceStart that subtracts that from current time.

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Hi all,

I subclassed WASession to have my own session class, now I need to know for how long the current user has been logged in, so I found these two methods belonging to WAExpiringHandler, of which WASession is a subclass (hence, from which my session class also inherits):

*	lastAccess
*	secondsSinceLastAccess

But when calling html text: self session lastAccess I get a couple of beautiful symbols (namely: ����). Tried to send every asSomething I found but couldn't get it to print a date or a time.

Then I tried calling html text: (self session secondsSinceLastAccess) asEverything but the best output I got was a zero.

Could you please point to me the proper way to get this information from the current session? I googled for a long while, but seaside session time and similar queries only pointed some interesting travel suggestions to me ;)

Thanks a lot in advance!



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