[Seaside] Significant differences between Continuation Class & WAContinuation Class?

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 20:35:08 UTC 2009


I'm trying to replicate the "Forgot your password" functionality in
SqueakSource 2 (http://www.squeaksource.com/ss2.html).  In the method
SSSendPassword >> sendPasswordToUserWithLogin: login (Pasted in below)
it uses the Continuation class.  In the beta Pharo image there is no
Continuation class.  Does WAContinuation do the same thing or should I
use something else?

The problem I'm experiencing is that if I change Continuation to
WAContinuation in the method a Url is generated and I can email it to
myself from Pharo, but when I click the link in the email I am brought
to a blank page.  I have not used Magritte in my project.  I would
readily believe that my problem has nothing to do with Continuation vs
WAContinuation but just that I haven't created anything to be rendered
at the link generated by  'self session actionUrlForContinuation: cc.'
 If thats the problem, how would I go about displaying a Component
when the link is clicked?

Thanks for any help you can provide


sendPasswordToUserWithLogin: login
	| member url |
	member := self model memberAt: login.
	member isNil ifTrue: [
		self informOnlyAdmin: 'You specified an unknown account. Please
contact the administrator.'.
		self answer ].
	member email isNil ifTrue: [
		self informOnlyAdmin: 'No e-mail address specified for this account.
Please contact the administrator.'.
		self answer ].
	member isSuperUser ifTrue: [
		self inform: 'Superusers shoud never forget their password.'.
		self answer ].
	Continuation currentDo: [ :cc |
		url := self session actionUrlForContinuation: cc.
		url := self repository rootUrl , url copyWithoutFirst.
		[ self sendMailWithUrl: url toMember: member ]
			on: Exception
			do: [ :error | self informOnlyAdmin: error messageText , '. Please
contact the administrator.'; answer ].
		self inform: 'An e-mail has been successfully sent to you.'.
		self answer ].
	self editMember: 'Change your password'.
	self answer

The editMember method is here:
SSComponent>>editMember: aTitleString
	| editor |
	editor := self session user asComponent
		addTitle: aTitleString;
	(self call: editor)
		ifNotNil: [ self session save ]

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