[Seaside] Newbie trying to deploy to webfaction.com

Alan Cyment acyment at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 23:41:18 UTC 2009

Dear all,
As one of my first tasks with Seaside I decided to try and deploy a
barebones image to my hosting. This message is mostly targeted at those
people who have successfully deployed Seaside sites to Webfaction. This is
what I did so far:

1- Created custom web app (I was assigned port 54921 - set up application to
website seaside.cyment.com)
2- Copied, built and installed Squeak sources on the server
3- Opened locally seaside-mini.image (from seaside.st), stopped the web
server (WAKom stop.) and started it on corresponding port (WAKom startOn:
54921.) - saved and quit
4- Copied the image and sources files to the corresponding webapp directory
5- Ran squeak on the server (squeak -vm-display-null seaside-mini.image)
6- Pointed browser at seaside.cyment.com and...error 504 (Service
Temporarily Unavailable)

Checked logs on the server and apparently no one is listening to that port.
I'm an OSX user, raised using Windows and with little and no UNIX expertise.
Worked for some time using VA Smalltalk, so no Squeak expert either.

I'm dying to use Seaside...

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