[Seaside] Significant differences between Continuation Class & WAContinuation Class?

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 17:10:02 UTC 2009

Thanks Lukas.  Sorry for the delayed response.

>> The problem I'm experiencing is that if I change Continuation to
>> WAContinuation in the method a Url is generated and I can email it to
>> myself from Pharo, but when I click the link in the email I am brought
>> to a blank page.  I have not used Magritte in my project.  I would
>> readily believe that my problem has nothing to do with Continuation vs
>> WAContinuation but just that I haven't created anything to be rendered
>> at the link generated by  'self session actionUrlForContinuation: cc.'
>>  If thats the problem, how would I go about displaying a Component
>> when the link is clicked?
> This certainly has nothing to do with Magritte. The code below looks
> ok. Can you provide a minimal example (e.g. one that prints the URL to
> the transcript) so that we can try to reproduce the problem.

I figured as much regarding Magritte, I just mentioned it because
SqueakSource 2 depends on it and was unsure about whether my not
having it installed was causing problems in something I was copying
from SqueakSource 2.

I've attached and pasted in a fileout of a class that prints a Url to
the transcript and shows it in an inform:  I would like to know how/
understand how to make a component appear once the link is followed
rather than a blank page.

Thanks again

WAComponent subclass: #PDMain
instanceVariableNames: ''
classVariableNames: ''
	poolDictionaries: ''
category: 'PADScratch'!

!PDMain methodsFor: 'as yet unclassified' stamp: 'PaulDeBruicker
9/8/2009 12:56'!



WAContinuation currentDo: [ :cc |

		url := self session actionUrlForContinuation: cc.
		url :=  url asString .

		Transcript show: url.

		self inform: 'The url is: ' , url.

		].! !

!PDMain methodsFor: 'as yet unclassified' stamp: 'PaulDeBruicker
9/8/2009 12:50'!

renderContentOn: html

	html render: 'Click the button to generate a continuation Url'.

	html form

		html submitButton

			callback: [self generateUrl.];

				with: 'Go'.

			]! !

"-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- "!

PDMain class

	instanceVariableNames: ''!

!PDMain class methodsFor: 'as yet unclassified' stamp: 'PaulDeBruicker
9/8/2009 12:55'!


	^true.! !

!PDMain class methodsFor: 'as yet unclassified' stamp: 'PaulDeBruicker
9/8/2009 12:54'!



	PDMain initialize


	super initialize.

       (WAAdmin register: self asApplicationAt: 'Scratch')

  ! !
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