[Seaside] Problem with Seaside: Pharo is almost out of memory

ivan rojas ivanrohe at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 18:31:12 UTC 2010


This is my very first email, so let me introduce myself. I am Ivan Rojas,
student at the University of Chile. As my first project in Pharo and
Seaside, I am working on a server that compute metrics (same spririt than
Hudson, but more general and with a nicer output).

I am stuck on a problem that appears for the second time. When I open my
image, I get the message:

"Warning: Pharo is almost out of memory!

Low space detectionis now disabled. It will be restored when you
close or proceed from this error notifier. Don´t panic, but do proceed
with caution."

Nothing can be done after that (I tried alt-. but no success).
My configuration is
 - Seaside-3.0.3-OneClick
- Windows 7

Any suggestion?

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