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Overcomer Man overcomer.man at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 09:25:06 UTC 2010


I downloaded the latest one-click but something overrode my Wamp server
(which contains a reduced Apache) and I haven't been able to recover my
webpages served even after restoring a backup copy of Wamp.  I checked the
log file and found someone from Australia had been into my backup disk.  So
I firewalled that.  I also tried the virtual host commands in the seaside
book but Wamp wouldn't budge so I thought maybe there is a way to run my
webpages directly from Seaside.  I deleted the new Seaside and downloaded
the stable one-click, exited Wamp and changed my router's TCP port to 8080.
Then when I entered http://localhost it flashed up Seaside for a split
second then put up an unable to connect error screen.

What should I do to get my webpages back up?  I have a handful including.
http://biblek12.org, http://usaFounders.com <http://usafounders.com/>, and
How can one reassign localhost?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Kirk Fraser
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