[Seaside] Hello World Request

Overcomer Man overcomer.man at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 09:00:12 UTC 2010

Hi Julian,

Thanks for your response.  I'm first trying to do a "hello world" so I can
see something get from Seaside to look like a real internet webpage beyond
localhost service.  Doesn't matter if it shows the same page as
http://localhost:8080/seaside behind a DNS like http://seaside.wantdesk.comor
http://wantdesk.com/seaside but I'd prefer it shows up under default
http://wantdesk.com and allow me to decide if I want regular http files
served or Seaside files generated for my other DNS.

I'm using Apache but not the whole thing, just the cut down version that
comes packaged under Wamp which also has PHP and MySQL built together.  It
works under Windows XP.

One additional complication is my Apache has found a bug - it starts up
normally but it will only serve the default page with http://localhost (nothing
else) and not the very same virtual host spec when called diretly using its
DNS http://biblek12.com and after a few hours of trying with restore &
reprogramming the vhost file it's still doing the same bug.  I do get
http://localhost:8080/seaside normally.  I think the bug must be something
special to prevent my DNS from working while using the same vhost correctly
for the default localhost.

Thank you,
Kirk Fraser
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