[Seaside] Re: one last url question.. i promise..

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Mon Mar 1 22:10:52 UTC 2010

sergio_101 wrote:
> there are alot of cases where having static urls really makes sense..
> in one case, on one of my blogs, i consistently make a good deal of
> money because there are several sites that link to one of my pages..
> including a pretty good google ranking..

IMHO, you need to be careful then. Here's a story from some entrepreneur 
(I can dig up the name, if someone wants) who gave a talk recently. 
Early on, he had a site that had a top Google ranking, and was pulling 
in a few $100K's per month. Somehow he got it in him to "improve" the 
site, redo'ing it all with some new technology. Literally "overnight" or 
sooner, as soon as he deployed his site, his Google ranking dropped, and 
so did the $$ stream. It took him a few days (and money spent on 
consultants) to figure out that due to the massive site changes, the 
ranking was re-evaluated as though it were a brand new site (i.e. he 
dropped to < 100). To make matters worse, he had thrown away his old 
site (i.e. deleted it, and could not recover it). He spent weeks or 
months trying to regain the ranking, but gave up eventually.

So maybe you should start with a new site or at least add the new stuff 
under a new url path. Or, gradually phase in the changes.

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