[Seaside] listen on a single ip

radoslav hodnicak rh at 4096.sk
Sun Mar 28 08:47:59 UTC 2010

I've patched my image to have

     ^ (HttpService on: self port)
         address: '';
         name: 'seaside-' , self port greaseString;
         plug: self;

so yeah if you're making a setting/user interface for this, change 
comanche too


On Sat, 27 Mar 2010, Sean Allen wrote:

> We run Seaside 3 in production on GLASS where we proxy all requests to
> Seaside from nginx.
> The production machine has many ip addresses on it. As an example, it
> might have something like
> etc
> where all the 192.168.1.* ips are public facing.
> Each port that seaside is available on, is available on all ips.
> Instead of having to go through
> the proxy, you can connect directly to swazoo by going to
> I've done a patch for GLASS that allows you to specify a specific ip
> address to listen on
> rather than all interfaces. It requires a change to the Seaside-Core
> swazoo adapter.
> I'd like to get that change into Seaside so I don't have to worry
> about mainting the changes.
> What is the best way to go about submitting the change ( I have a .mcz
> of the changes from a couple
> months ago )? And are there other adapters I should make the same
> changes to for Seaside 3?
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