[Seaside] Re: Many VM push using Comet?

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Mon May 3 21:04:05 UTC 2010

I think more information is needed, for people to be able to give advice.

"dataobjects that are stored in a collection". What is your persistence 
strategy? Do you save the image? What would happen when you have 
multiple images that all try to save the image?

Are you using a relational DB or object database to save your 
"dataobjects". If so, then a refresh, just before the Comet push, should 
suffice - unless you have a large working set of objects.


Richard Durr wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I have a design related question.
> Situation: I want to create a Comet-based Application that allows
> users do edit dataobjects that are stored in an collection. Users can
> form groups. Each group has one of those collections. When a user logs
> in, he can change the dataobjects of his group using ajax and see the
> changes using comet that other users make to other dataobjects of his
> group.
> Problem: Having all of this in one vm is not a problem, because I can
> push the changes directly when they are made. However, when I have
> many many users, I need to split the load to a few different vms. Then
> some users of a group might be on a different vm than other users of
> the same group. How is it possible to let the users on one vm see the
> changes the users on another vm make to the dataobjects then?
> Possible Solution: I suppose I need some sort of shared / distributed
> notification center where I can post that an object has changed and
> that informs the different vms that this happened so that they can
> push the changes using Comet.
> Can anybody offer advice? Any help would be appreciated.
> ^^
> RD

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