[Seaside] Re: Many VM push using Comet?

Richard Durr richard.durr at googlemail.com
Tue May 4 11:21:06 UTC 2010

> "Maybe you could partition user sessions depnding on the group, so all users from one group would end up on one VM."

I thought about that too, since Avi does this with DabbleDB (though
not with comet afaik). The question is how to do this. I read about a
demonstration programmed for Gemstone where they just put all sessions
into the DB. I thought of letting initial requests be handled by any
vm; as soon as a user logs in, his WASession gets stored into a
MagmaDB, and he is forwarded with a group-id to the vm he belongs to.
There, his session is retrieved from Magma and installed in this vm.
Would that be even possible?

Regarding RabbitMQ, I took alook: Very interessting! Seems like Tony
Garnock-Jones already implemented a client.

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