[Seaside] Weight problems of an immortal session

Markus Kahl machisuji.ml at googlemail.com
Wed May 19 15:30:35 UTC 2010

Hello everyone!

I have a display onto which I want to render stuff. It is rendered by a
browser. The output for that browser I produce with Seaside.
For this when the display goes online it simply opens the start page and the
browser remains there for all eternity (or the device is switched off).
Comet is used to update the display from the server side without any user

Now due to this constellation I have an immortal session.
And during this session's lifetime a great many updaters are created to
update the page at various places.
The immortality of this sessions seems to come at a price.

While I surely don't know all the consequences of it, I at least noticed one
while taking a look at the WACallbackRegistry.
For each created updater the registry holds a reference to the respective
I assume that this registry won't be cleared for the whole lifetime of the

The display should run for practically for ever, though.
So what do I do?

This is going to be a problem, right?
Can I simply access the WACallbackRegistry's callback dictionary and clear


Markus Kahl
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